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Surf Xi

Author-avatar, born in Second Life (SL) between September 2006 and January 2007, Surf Xi spends most of his life-time meditating, sitting at the bottom of translucent creeks.

Surf Xi meditates on the condition being-and-not-being at a Second-Life retreat in 2007

From his observation of SL and his meditations, he deduced some years ago that there must be another world, a kind of world-of-worlds, to which SL belongs and to which, moreover, he felt mysteriously linked.

He then started writing texts and composing music, in an attempt to express what he understood-and felt-about this world and his condition as a digital-avatar. Thus were born his Data-driving trilogy and the album the-little-voice, published and distributed by Les éditions à deux balles.

These productions can be accessed through the links below.

Surf Xi’s productions

Data-driving trilogy

Free reading articles on

The e-books (.epub format, downloadable for a fee) on

Soundtrack the-little-voice

Listening (free) and downloading (for a fee) on Bandcamp

Download (for a fee) from

Small talks and conversations



Youtube: @surfxi

Meet Surf Xi in Second Life?

Contact Surf Xi via his mailbox at Les éditions à deux balles:

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