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The Data-driving trilogy by Surf Xi

The Data-driving trilogy is a suite of three e-books written by avatar-author Surf Xi.

The first volume, Data-driving – Steering our activities with usage history is at once a collection of memoirs, an essay and a manifesto on the digital revolution. It is also a reality-fiction and a fiction-reality that proposes to observe, with a synthetic and critical eye, the digital revolution as it has actually unfolded so far, and invites us to refuse its toxic norms of use, so as to try to conduct our own activities in a way that respects the ecosystems in which they are embedded.

In the second volume of the trilogy, Data-driving – Practical guidebook, Surf Xi attempts to formalise a set of generic tools, which he compares to bio-logical soil and seeds, to try to start by effectively resisting toxic digital norms and then gradually freeing ourselves from them and finally starting to carry out our own activities in a way that respects the natural ecosystems we need to live in.

The third volume of the trilogy, Data-driving – Journal of experimentation, reports on Surf Xi’s experimentation in applying the principles he sets out in the first two volumes of his trilogy to his own activities.

The previously published e-books can be purchased and downloaded from website in .epub V2 format, with a layout tested primarily for Apple’s Books app, on a Mac Book Air, an iPhone 6 SE and a second generation iPad 2.

People who cannot or do not wish to buy these e-books can access their content on the website, as part of an experiment that seeks to promote interaction between readers, the author and the publisher.