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Data-driving Volume-1

Data-driving – Steering our activities with usage history

Surf Xi

Les éditions à deux balles

Version-1 : September 2022

Version-zero : February 2021

Available in French

The first opus in Surf Xi’s Data-driving trilogy.

This first volume, which sets out the reasons why Surf Xi is writing this trilogy, is part memoir, part manifesto and part essay.

IIn particular, it sets out what the author calls the failure of the digital revolution, and the reasons why he wants to try and do again right side up at least some of what he helped to do upside down.

The transformation of these intentions into actions is set out in the rest of the trilogy, first in the second volume, which sets out his approach in the form of a practical guide, and then in the third volume, which illustrates the implementation of this approach in the form of an experimentation diary.