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Les éditions à deux balles is an independent publishing house, created in July 2020 to publish the e-books of the Data-driving trilogy by author-avatar Surf Xi.

Since May 2021, it publishes also soundtracks, such as the-little-voice by Surf Xi and it is about to publish the first e-book by a new author.

To accompany and disseminate the texts and sounds of its catalogue, the publishing house publishes several websites.

Thus,, the satellite site of the Data-driving trilogy (accessible through the Data-driving Satellite menu item of this site), provides free access to the contents of its three volumes to all the people who like to search and play. Presentation of the satellite website. (accessible through the Online Shop menu item of this site) allows us to purchase Surf Xi’s productions in a downloadable format to be read and listened to on computers, tablets and smartphones. Presentation of the online shop.

Les éditions à deux balles is also the editor and responsible for the publication of this site, .

As such, it can be reached using the contact details below.